Best Medicated Dermoteen Whitening Cream


Brand Pharma Health
Item Form Cream
Quantity 20 g
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Best Medicated Whitening Cream in Pakistan

Puberty whitening cream designed for teenage skin whitening which makes skin glowing, truthful, radiant & easy. Dermoteen whitening cream reduces darkish spots & lighten skin tone. Special formula for young adults to improve the pores and skin tone & complexion. Dermoteen whitening cream contains pure herbal extracts, oils, vitamins & minerals for optimum advantage to healthful pores and skin it’s can sell the function of renovation and reduce the pollution injury to the skin from the outside environment. Dermoteen whitening cream additionally moisturizing skin at all the times all through twice daily utility. This skin whitening face cream method is made via the usage of a holistic approach to our formulations, without negative and toxic chemical compounds hydroquinone and mercury. Tetra sunscreens (octyl salicylate, oxybenzone, zinc oxide, & omc) shielding against uva and uvb rays (along with uvai and uvaii), preventing pores and skin darkening and tanning.

Best Medicated Whitening Cream in Pakistan Uses

Inhibit melanogenesis by means of inhibiting tyrosinase. Pores and skin whitening. Reduces age spots and darkish circles. Provides solar protection. Makes the complexion truthful and right looking. Reduces the first-rate lines and wrinkles. Special method for the young adults that improves the arrival of the stupid complexion. Silicon water-proof layer offers brightness and radiance. Improves pores and skin moisture level and reduces age spots. With spf 30 lighten impact is covered for higher outcomes


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