Barleans Baraleans Flaxseed Oil Essential Women Swirl


Brand Barleans
Item Form Oil
Quantity 20 ml
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Barleans Baraleans Flaxseed Oil Essential Women Swirl in Pakistan

Made with barlean’s famous flaxseed oil, nighttime primrose oil and unique plant phytonutrients.Significantly delicious manner to get 2,300mg of omegas-three, 6 & nine + gla.non-gmo, gluten unfastened, dairy unfastened, vegan.No artificial flavors, colorings or sweeteners; no added sugar.Promotes hormonal stability and inner moisture.All through the summer time months products may also arrive warm .it started with a progressive manner to press flax seed, generating a delicious and purified oil. fish oil changed into no longer a long way in the back of. barlean’s patented emulsification system allows your frame to absorb up to 3 times the omega’s into your bloodstream.If you’ve never tasted our swirl formulas, we realize what you’re thinking: there is no way you could make dietary dietary supplements – like fish oil – flavor like dessert. However it’s no longer most effective feasible, it’s delicious.And barlean’s fish oils are burp unfastened! Barlean’s uses a patented encapsulation system called freshtech that maximizes freshness and stops oxidation. No fish burps or aftertaste.

Barleans Baraleans Flaxseed Oil Essential Women Swirl

Splendor and stability inside in no way tasted so suitable! Many of the obstacles to ladies’s beauty and properly-being have a commonplace link: hormonal imbalance. Luckily, this particular mixture of flaxseed oil, night primrose oil and lignans can set things right. Our proprietary emulsification era offers this delicious system a rich and creamy texture and presents superior absorption in comparison to conventional nutritional supplements.

Other Ingredients 

Essential ladies oil blend (natural flaxseed oil, nighttime primrose oil, rosemary extract, ascorbic acid), water, xylitol, glycerine, cocoa powder, gum arabic, herbal flavors, sdg lignan (flaxseed sdg, potato maltodextrin), caramel coloration, xanthan gum, guar gum, sorbic acid, vitamin e (as d-alpha tocopherol), and ascorbyl palmitate.


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