Bath & Body Work Body Wash Sleep Lavender Vanilla Body Wash


Brand Sleep
Item Form Body Wash
Quantity 295 ml
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Imported From USA


Bath & Body Work Body Wash Sleep Lavender Vanilla Body Wash in Pakistan

Product packaging may also range. No longer examined on animals. Made in the u.s.a..aromatherapy sleep lavender vanilla body wash foam bath 10 oz. per bottle.Lavender essential oil & vanilla absolute assist calm feelings of pressure so that you can sleep higher.This fast-foaming frame wash is infused with soothing skin conditioners, even as an aromatherapy combo of critical oils and herbal ingredients advantages body, mind & temper. In evaluation with the signature range, the aromatherapy has limited fragrances and is slightly greater expensive, however has extremely good staying power and brilliant packaging. The fragrances are strength, sleep, strain alleviation and sensual. They’re all precise and outstanding of their own way. as to the marketed declare, i in reality experience the results of every of the claims after i bathe and inhale the aroma.The cap shuts firmly and there’s no leakage of any kind. The shower gel is foamy and lathers nicely. The real fragrance is a smooth, female odor which has extra floral notes. It has suggestions of vanilla and a stronger lavender scent. While i exploit this, the whole rest room fills up with this fragrance and inhaling deeply honestly facilitates to soak up it. the odor lingers on for three+ hours even if used alone.


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