Beaver Coconut Oil Shampoo


Brand Beaver
Item Form capsules
Quantity 350ml
Delivery Time 2-3 Buisness
Shipping Free
Offer 2x Rs11000
Imported From USA

Beaver Coconut Oil Shampoo

moist hair, press moderate amount of shampoo and blend with water. lightly rub down into hair and lather. rinse with clean water. comply with with argan oil moisture restore conditioner. supply of adequate moisture from inner out, improve the hair on the identical time. continous water lock care, restore damaged hair scales, toughen hair with moisturizing.description formulated with a super moisturising combination of coconut oil and aloe, it efficiently facilitates to easy and hydrate without weighing the hair down and promotes softer healthier hair.excellent water-locking care, deepen the moisture, enhance the hair clean silky texture, make hair immediately silk smooth, showing moisturizing bright. hard repair to bouncy and nourish.deeply moisturizes and closes moisture. leaves hair silky easy, soft and shiny.clean of power. wealthy in vitamins a, d, e, ok, f encyclopedia of hair power, interpretation of actuality in a changing hair coloration consists of lauric acid and many other repair additives resistance to loose stuffs and harm outside long termination coloration protection antioxidant components protects coloration and polishes.deep moisturizing liposomy affords teenagers haired bodily power extraction intense in aggregate with digital extract at low temperatures. moisturizes, strengthens and offers your hair elasticity.


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