Beaver Marula Miracle Hair Serum

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Brand Beaver
Item Form Liquid
Quantity 100 ml
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Offer 2x Rs9500
Imported From USA

Beaver Marula Miracle Hair Serum in Pakistan

Marula miracle hair serum with high-priced and transformative hydrating and replenishing homes, restore damaged hair and repair vibrant, promises deep hydration, luster and clean.Beaver expert’s marula miracle splendor oil shampoo is an appropriate addition to your hair care habitual. Marula oil being the celebrity aspect works to supply lengthy-lasting moisture and hydration to the scalp and the hair roots. The formulation is especially designed to manipulate frizzy hair and smooth down any stick-outs.With subsequent makes use of you will be aware brighter, shinier, and softer hair.You can use it for your brief morning shower and earlier than you go to mattress due to the fact this awesome shampoo will leave your hair feeling sparkling and wholesome like never before.


Deep nourishing, supplementing protein, repairing broken, reviving elastic, shining & sturdy hair, makes hair moisturizing tender and sleek.Marula miracle hair serum with expensive and transformative hydrating and replenishing residences, repair broken hair and restore shiny, offers deep hydration, luster and clean.Makeshair moisturizing gentle and glossy.Works to quickly restore and moisturize the driest, damaged components of hair.Forms a protecting film on the scalp to seal in all the goodly moisture and hydration.Promotes durable shine.Helps to clean down frizzy hair and make combing smooth.Speedy foams up and leaves hair feeling first rate-clean.


2 reviews for Beaver Marula Miracle Hair Serum

  1. Ekim Hussaini

    thanku order from banu

  2. Chamaneh Banday

    bht acha result hai mainey khud use kia hai bht khaas result hai iskaaa

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