Beaver Marula Oil Shampoo


Brand Beaver
Item Form oil
Quantity 350ml
Delivery Time 2-3 Buisness
Shipping Free
Offer 2x Rs9100
Imported From USA


Beaver Marula Oil Shampoo in Pakistan

brings deep nourishing and lengthy-bureaucracy a shielding movie on scalp whilst nourishing, protects and brightens hair, moistures and repair. revives hair to moisturizing and smooth. marula oil shampoo. it offers deep nutrition and long-lasting hydration to dry and curly hair. it protects, brightens and nourishes the hair. it smoothes hair, leaving it healthy and to quickly repair and moisturize the driest, broken components of hair.bureaucracy a shielding movie on the scalp to seal in all of the goodly moisture and hydration.promotes durable shine. enables to smooth down frizzy hair and make combing easy. fast foams up and leaves hair feeling incredible-sparkling. beaver professional’s marula miracle splendor oil shampoo is the best addition in your hair care recurring. marula oil being the big name element works to deliver long-lasting moisture and hydration to the scalp and the hair roots. the formulation is especially designed to manipulate frizzy hair and smooth down any stick-outs. with next uses you may note brighter, shinier, and softer hair. secure enough to use each day, the light-weight texture of the shampoo glides in smoothly and speedy lathers for an awesome hair massage. you may use it in your brief morning bathe and earlier than you visit bed due to the fact this terrific shampoo will leave your hair feeling sparkling and wholesome like by no means before.


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