Beaver Nutritive Mousse Nutri-Sculpt


Brand Beaver
Item Form Spray
Quantity 250 ml
Delivery Time 2-3 Business
Shipping Free
Offer 2x Rs7500
Imported From USA


Beaver Nutritive Mousse Nutri-Sculpt in Pakistan

A uv-filtrated components that facilitates reist harm because of warmth, solar rays, and differing climates of the surroundings. Facilitates emphasize shade of hair and stops lack of colour. Includes anti-static additives that facilitates prevent breakage of hair. Does not leave hair oily or sticky. Notable clean to smooth.Lightly styling factor, help creat a fluffy and really elastic hair style. Enhance retaining strength of rooting, creat voulmainous and shiny wave. Lots of nursing components to help moisten and protect hair.Shake can well then flip upside down to dispense the mousse into the palms of your hand. Work small amounts frivolously through hair from roots to ends. Practice to clean damp hair to create a fashion or onto dry hair to restore sturdy fixation on the roots, continues volume and clear strains within the hairstyle.Many vitamins will deliver your hair hydration and safety.Beaver magotan nutritive mousse nutri-sculpt mousse – nutri-sculpt nutritive mousse for hair styling. Allows you to create a mild and extremely elastic coiffure. Many nutrients will supply your hair hydration and safety.


Hexadimethrine chloride, parfum / fragrancecoloring cream (1206935) :aqua / water, cetearyl alcohol, propylene glycol, deceth, 3, laureth, 12, ammonium hydroxide, oleth, 30, hexadimethrine chloride, lauric acid, glycol distearate, polyquaternium, 22, ethanolamine, silica dimethyl silylate, ci 77891 / titanium dioxide, 4, amino, 2, hydroxytoluene, p, aminophenol, ascorbic acid, sodium metabisulfite, 2, methyl, 5, hydroxyethylaminophenol, ammonium thiolactate, dimethicone, proline, p, phenylenediamine, carbomer, threonine, resorcinol, edta, parfum / perfume, developer(1152439): aqua / water, hydrogen peroxide, cetearyl alcohol, sodium salicylate, trideceth, 2 carboxamide mea, phosphoric acid


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