Biocos Whitening Body Lotion


Brand Biocos
Item Form Liquid
Quantity 250g
Delivery Time 2-3 Buisness
Shipping Free
Offer 2x Rs2500
Imported From USA


Biocos Whitening Body Lotion in Pakistan

Biocos body lotion maintains your skin more healthy and radiant glow. Properly first-class product.Having suitable effects.Availabe in 250ml packing.Ladies have a herbal desire to appearance younger in each age. it’s miles best feasible whilst their skin is clean from all sorts of spots and dirt. The alternative factors that contribute in pores and skin detrimental and colour are direct publicity of pores and skin to sunlight, dirt and dirt. Biocos whitening cream is the answer of this huge query. Biocos whitening cream isn’t just a whitening cream. It is an answer of all your skin problems. Specific method that offers your pores and skin all nutrients. All herbal substances contributing their position to take away darkish spots from your pores and skin.The best news is, you can use your whitening cream as a sunscreen as well. We’ve delivered natural and natural sunscreens. Bf 16 helps your skin to reduce production of melanin in your skin. It blocks solar rays to enter into your pores and skin. Aloevera gel in our method provides your pores and skin moisture every time you attain domestic.


The hydrating power of aloevera gel presents you lengthy-lasting effects. The use of lemon within the cream enables to decrease darkish spots. Biocos added collagen in their whitening cream that lessen untimely growing older and rejuvenate your skin. Herbal antioxidants in biocos whitening cream now not best upkeep your skin cells but also facilitates to enhance collagen manufacturing. Use of biocos whitening cream at night enables your frame to increase your melanin production. Biocos whitening cream complements the shade of your pores and skin evidently.


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