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Uses Of Bitter orange/synephrine

Bitter orange/synephrine Tablets in Pakistan and Dubai Bitter orange was used by the Eclectic physicians of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. According to the entry for bitter orange in Kings American Dispensatory, a reference of significant regard by herbalists and naturopaths who explore the empirical use of herbs by the Eclectic medical movement, bitter orange peel was used as a digestive tonic and as a flavoring agent for other medicines.Orange peel is aromatic and slightly tonic, but is seldom used except to cover the taste of disagreeable medicines or to lessen their tendency to nausea, and for these purposes it is frequently added to bitter tinctures, infusions, etc., as quassia, Peruvian bark, etc.; though care should be taken not to subject it to long boiling on account of its oil, which will thus be dissipated.

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For tonic use, the rind of the Seville orange is preferred; its dose in substance is from 30 to 60 grains 3 times a day. (Felter and Lloyd, 1898).In modern European herbal medicine, bitter orange peel is for dyspepsia and related conditions. According to the package insert from the German Standard License it is used as a supportive measure in treating stomach complaints, e.g., insufficient formation of gastric juice, and to stimulate the appetite (Bisset, Wichtl 1994). The German Commission E recognizes the medicinal value of bitter orange peel for loss of appetite and dyspeptic complaints; daily dosages are given in ranges of 4-6 grams for the dried peel, 2-3 grams for the tincture, and 1-2 grams for the extract (Blumenthal et al. 1998).

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However, because these products contained multiple ingredients, it is difficult to know the role that bitter orange played.Evidence regarding the effects of bitter orange (alone or combined with other substances, such as caffeine and green tea) on the heart and cardiovascular system is inconclusive. Some studies showed that bitter orange raised blood pressure and heart rate, but other studies showed that bitter orange didn’t have this effect at commonly used doses.Some sources list bitter orange as a stimulant whereas other sources say that it’s not a stimulant at commonly used doses. Bitter orange/synephrine Tablets in Pakistan and Dubai



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