Eveline White Prestige 4d Whitening Hand Cream


Brand Eveline
Item Form Cream
Quantity 100ml
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Imported From USA


Eveline White Prestige 4d Whitening Hand Cream in Pakistan

Synthetic by using eveline cosmetics s.a, eveline is a poland logo. Eveline cosmetics merchandise are available in extra then 70 nations all around the international, and the list of latest markets is constantly expending.White status 4d cosmetics series is the revolutionary treatment, performing in 4 dimensions: lightens epidermis, evens out skin tone and counteracts immoderate pigmentation for up to 48h after software.Nourishes & whitens: whitening hand cream nourishing and regenerating primarily based on particular whitening complex lumiskin™ 4d white complicated reduces discolorations, minimising their visibility. The cream very effectively cares hand skin, presenting regeneration and instantaneous alleviation. Focused system, enriched with natural betaine, optimises level of hydration, leaving fingers silky and gentle.

Eveline White Prestige 4d Whitening Hand Cream Benefits

Superior era, lumiskin™4d white complicated Lightens epidermis and whitens discolorations Extraordinarily moisturises and regenerates Rebuilds hydrolipidic barrier of epidermie
Course: small amount of the cream unfold onto hand pores and skin and gently massage into.
Effects: way to modern lively components, flawlessly moisturises, nourishes and regenerates. Soothes and calms irritations, reduces skin roughness. Synthetic by: eveline cosmetics Storage preparation: hold in cool and dry region.Nourishing and regenerating whitening cream based on precise whitening complicated lumiskin 4d white complicated assisting in reducing discolorations, minimizing their visibility. Focused components, enriched with natural betaine, optimizes degree of hydration, leaving hands silky and soft.White status 4d whitening hand cream’s method enriched with shea butter,collagen and elastin, correctly cures hand pores and skin, offering regeneration. Concentrated formulation, enriched with natural betaine, optimises the extent of moisturisation, leaving hand silky easy and soft.Manufactured with the aid of eveline cosmetics s.a, eveline is a poland emblem. Eveline cosmetics products are available in extra then 70 countries all over the international, and the listing of new markets is constantly expending.


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