Garnier Skin Naturals Light Complete Serum Cream Spf 19, 45 G


Brand Garnier
Item Form Cream
Quantity 45g
Delivery Time 2-3 Business
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Offer 2x Rs8500
Imported From USA

Garnier Skin Naturals Light Complete Serum Cream Spf 19, 45g in Pakistan

Garnier light whole spf19 is a face cream for girls this is enriched with eastern yuzu lemon. Yuzu lemon is called the king of lemons because it consists of a excessive attention of diet c. it is acknowledged for its robust brightening, exfoliating and anti-oxidant houses. The cream additionally has 3x vitamin c serum which permits this serum-in-cream system to take in rapid and cross deep into the skin. This moisturizer gives you brighter pores and skin in 1 week. It instantly brightens the skin and gives it an extended lasting glow. It additionally reduces darkish spots. The face cream has spf19 to shield the pores and skin from the cruel sun rays. For instant results, switch to garnier mild whole skin care. Garnier skin naturals white whole multi action equity cream guarantees immediately whitening and pores and skin this is tones fairer after using the cream for two weeks. Garnier boasts of ten skin blessings that the pores and skin naturals white entire cream has, some of that are lasting equity, protection from the sun, and pores and skin whitening that is visible from the first software. The tub includes 40g of cream that consists of natural lemon essence, which is a herbal bleaching agent that smoothens pores and skin and clears blemishes.


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