K-y Jelly Personal Lubricant 50ml


Brand Ky Jelly
Item Form Lubricant
Quantity 50 ml
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K-y Jelly Personal Lubricant 50ml in Pakistan

There are times whilst you need comfort from the dryness this is because of your body not producing enough of its personal lubrication. Vaginal dryness is a natural prevalence for plenty women truly due to the pressures of lifestyles consisting of strain, tiredness or menstruation.Moist, colorless & odorless.Non greasy .water based totally gel.smooth-rinsing won’t continue to be in frame.Best to be used with condom.From the #1 doctor endorsed non-public lubricant brand, ok-y emblem jelly personal lubricant has a water-based totally, perfume-loose, non-greasy formulation that quickly prepares you for sexual intimacy and eases the pain of vaginal dryness at some stage in intercourse. Encouraged by way of gynecologists.

why must i use k-y jelly?

Okay-y jelly private lubricant is designed to experience herbal and beautify your sexual intimacy. Personal dryness is a everyday a part of every woman’s existence, regardless of her age, due to the fact ladies’s bodies naturally produce much less lubrication for over 2/3rds of the month. Ok-y jelly private lubricants are designed to complement the body’s herbal lubrication to make intercourse pleasurable all month long.

signs and symptoms of personal dryness

Personal dryness signs and symptoms include itching, burning, inflammation, pain or pain all through sexual sex. whether it’s just minor pain or more painful inflammation, private dryness could have an impact in your life, inclusive of your ability to experience intimacy. In case your signs and symptoms retain, or if you are experiencing excessive non-public dryness, touch your health practitioner.


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