L’oreal Paris Fall Resist Arginine Mask


Brand L’oreal
Item Form Liquid
Quantity 200 ml
Delivery Time 2-3 Buisness
Shipping Free
Offer 2x Rs5500
Imported From USA

L’oreal Paris Fall Resist Arginine Mask in Pakistan

Formulated for asian hair, the strengthening masks intensely conditions and richly nourishes hair roots. Hair turns into robust and less vulnerable to hair fall due to breakage. Infused with arginine essence for a triple hair fall action. The hair root and hair bulbs are nourished, cracked hair fibers are stuffed in and damaged hair cuticles are repaired .infused with arginine essence, an important amino acid important for hairs charter, this mask is critical for hair increase because it nourishes the scalp by using improving micro-circulate. This method revives and energizes hair bulbs and roots, fills cracked hair fibers, and repairs broken hair cuticles. Most of all, this mask facilitates combat hair fall, ensuing in thicker, healthier and more voluminous hair. With the aid of repairing hair from root to tip, the masks provides last hair care.

L’oreal Paris Fall Resist Arginine Mask Uses

Specific components with arginine nourishes and energizes the roots.Arginine is an important amino acid critical for hair’s charter. It’s far recognized for nourishing scalp to enhance micro-move.Enriched with arginine essence, the autumn withstand 3x variety can provide a triple anti-hair fall movementi mproves microcirculation.Nourishes root.Maintenance hair from root to tip.


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