Nanoil Hair Oil



  • Deep hair regeneration
  • Tamed and beautiful hair.
  • Accelerates hair growth and impedes hair loss.
  • Features natural oils.

Nanoil Hair Oil Price In Pakistan

Nanoil Hair Oil In Pakistan – This is a lightweight formula of diligently developed composition and marvellous aroma that embraces hair with natural freshness for long. It works on three layers – on the hair surface, inside hair structures and in scalp where hair bulbs are located. This is a paraben and silicone-free product which is a blend of the highest quality, cold-pressed natural oils matching high porosity hair structure. How to apply Nanoil? Nanoil hair oil can be used in a few ways. It is us who decide how often and which method to use in order to apply the oil – wet, dry, hot or to oil the scalp. However, no matter the application technique chosen, regularity remains crucial. Nanoil works both as a deep regenerating treatment as well as a light oil to beautify and condition hair.

Nanoil Hair Oil Features | Benefits

  • DEEP HAIR REGENERATION. Regular application of Nanoil to hair and scalp is a simple way to restore vitality and youthfulness to hair. This beauty oil reinforces the inner structures of hair and rebuilds damages caused due to exposing strands to improper care, dyeing, bleaching and other similar. Also, the product features proteins responsible for rebuilding hair.
  • TAMED AND BEAUTIFUL HAIR. This is the right hair oil to choose when you care for fast and long-lasting improvement of the strands’ looks. Nanoil does not only bring back vitality and bounciness to hair but also it boosts the gloss. Moreover, it prevents split ends, makes hair smooth, elastic and soft. Thanks to this, hair looks better as it has never been before.
  • MAXIMAL HAIR HYDRATION. Thanks to natural oils (emollients) Nanoil maintains hair hydration. It reinforces the natural hydro-lipid barrier of hair and supports the proper functioning of the scalp. Owing to this, uncontrolled water loss is significantly reduced. This oil effectively prevents dry and brittle hair.
  • ACCELERATES HAIR GROWTH AND IMPEDES HAIR LOSS. The composition of Nanoil is rich in natural oils as well as substances reinforcing hair bulbs and stimulating hair growth like for example baicapil. For that very reason, it is the best hair oil especially for those people who do not only want to have beautiful hair but also significantly thick and long strands – the oil boosts blood circulation, delivers oxygen and makes hair bulbs stronger.
  • FEATURES NATURAL OILS. Nanoil for High Porosity Hair is a perfectly composed blend of 6 natural oils. The composition features almond oil, argan oil, evening primrose oil, avocado oil, maracuja oil and cotton seed oil. It contains neither parabens not silicones, and each of the ingredients was not added to the composition without a reason.




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