Nitro Canada Hair Wax

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Brand Nitro
Item Form Wax
Quantity 150 g
Delivery Time 2-3 Business
Shipping Free
Offer 2x Rs7500
Imported From USA

Nitro Canada Hair Wax in Pakistan

Nitro canada hair wax 150g (% of four) include four distinct flavour. Shade – crystal clear transparent a hundred% soulpting natural wax for guys’s and ladies’s hair very tender, product no side- results to any sort of hair gel. wax flavors – snake oil, coconut oil, olive oil, garlic oil vitamins for balanced hair assured utilization – small quantity and just apply for your hair style you desire movement – 24 hours internet wt. – a hundred and fifty g/pcs. Enhance lustrous shine and flexible keep.

Nitro Canada Hair Wax

Nitro professional hair wax coconut 150g beautify lustrous shine and flexible preserve. Incorporate 4 exceptional flavour. Shade – crystal clear obvious 100% cutting-edge soulpting herbal wax for guys’s and girls’s hair very soft superior first-class product no facet- outcomes to any sort of hair freestyle gel. it have vitamins for balanced hair. Utilization – take small amount and simply observe in your hair fashion you want

3 reviews for Nitro Canada Hair Wax

  1. Saturn Man’s Vapor Planet

    Has anyone ever been to Preferred Vapor Vape Store located in 3715 US 301 N?

  2. Erbil Sistani

    tcs waly beghairat hain insy nma bhaija karo btw product looking good

  3. Kamer Ghazali

    Very Good

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