Omega Products Vihado Castor Oil


Brand Vihado
Item Form Oil
Quantity 30 ml
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Imported From USA


Omega Products Vihado Castor Oil in Pakistan

Vihado one hundred% pure and cold pressed castor oil extracted from first-class excellent castor seeds without the usage of warmness/chemical for greatest excellent oil. certainly wealthy in antioxidants, nutrition e and important fatty acids together with omega 6 to present wealthy nourishing care on your hair, pores and skin, eyelashes, eyebrows, lips and nails. Traditionally used to sell hair increase, enhance hair texture, decrease split ends, soften hard skin (heels/knees/elbows), lessen pores and skin’s choppy tone, delay wrinkles and make stronger nails. May be used alone or combined with other bloodless pressed vegetable oils. Additionally makes an excellent provider oil for vital oils.

Omega Products Vihado Castor Oil

It’s also been thought to be correct for hair increase. Tons of merchandise in your scalp and other parts of your body promise to stimulate hair health by lubricating the pores and skin around follicles and protective long hair shafts from damage.But does it work for developing a beard? The research says no — however it can be beneficial while used with other strategies to stimulate hair increase, like your diet and lifestyle.That’s because facial hair is a secondary intercourse characteristic and isn’t like other frame hair.


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