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Ring Guard Cream Benefits

Ring Guard Cream In Pakistan – It can also be used for the treatment of pityriasis, which causes lightening/darkening of the skin of the chest, arms, legs and neck. An azole antifungal, Ring-Guard 2% Cream prevents the growth of the fungus on your skin, thus treating the infections. These symptoms do not require any medical guidance as such.Also, make sure you do not spray it near your eyes. In case it happens, wash your eyes at once with cool water. Also, make sure you do not spray it near your eyes. tongue and face or hives. An increased redness, pain or inflammation of the affected area must also be brought to the doctor’s notice.

Ring Guard Cream Decent Price

You must dry the area before applying Ring-Guard 2% Cream in the affected parts. Avoid tight-fitting clothes of synthetic fibres, opt for loose cotton clothes. The dosage and duration of using Ring-Guard 2% Cream depends on the type of the infection it is being used for. Apply it twice in a day or as per your doctor’s instructions. Make sure that you do not apply it more than the prescribed times. It will not improve your condition faster, instead increase the side effects. If you are using the vaginal cream or the suppository, read and follow the instructions properly.The possible side effects that Ring-Guard 2% Cream could have are a mild irritation on the skin where it is applied, or a burning and itching sensation in the affected area.In case it happens, wash your eyes at once with cool water.Ring Guard Cream In Pakistan It is available as a cream, powder, spray liquid and powder as well as a lotion. There is also a suppository form available that is inserted in the vagina for treatment.


Ring Guard


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