Saeed Ghani Khas Amla Powder


Brand Saeed Ghani
Item Form Powder
Quantity 100 g
Delivery Time 2-3 Business
Shipping Free
Offer 2x Rs5500
Imported From USA

Saeed Ghani Khas Amla Powder in Pakistan

Saeed ghani has been a household name for clients in pakistan for over 60 years now. in that time, we have established the habitual for hair take care of all our patron and ensured the high-quality high-quality merchandise for them.As times modified, saeed ghani has innovated and provided new products while staying proper to its identical philosophy of offering natural goodness. In staying real to this idea, saeed ghani now offers herbal powders for its customers on its on line shop. Because of this you can now get saeed ghani’s esteemed hair boom powders proper from the consolation of your home!We understand the need for our customers to volumize their hair to style it for his or her outings. However, synthetic hair powders are regarded to consist of dangerous substances for your hair and scalp. This not only decolors your hair but will increase hair fall too!

Saeed Ghani Khas Amla Powder

So, we propose a simple answer with the excellent natural powders in pakistan. We engineered known hair care elements and transformed them into powders so that you can add extent for your hair without any harm. These herbal substances also nourish your scalp and help keep your hair shade while limiting hair fall. So, you now not best get quantity but also nourishment to your hair as you fashion them.In crafting these powders, we ensure that we appoint strict quality controls to make sure you never should compromise at the first-rate of your hair. Our packaging is then designed to make certain that the powder retains its first-class over long periods of time, just like our natural oils on line.This commitment to great is what makes saeed ghani a household emblem in pakistan. However there may be extra. We additionally offer this top rate nice on the most lower priced prices for all our clients. We trust that hair care should be affordable for anybody.


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