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Sauna Massage Velform In Pakistan – You can also use it in only massage mode and get rid of pain and stress – it’s like having your own personal sauna and masseur, right in your own home!Sweating is a great way to lose weight and combined with massage makes the results even better. It’s as easy as putting on the belt and pressing the power button. The Sauna Massage adjusts to sizes big and small and has two powerful massage motors with three types of vibration. With its practical digital remote control and LCD screen, you can control the intensity and rhythm of the vibrations. You can wear it while you’re watching television, while cooking, reading or playing…so you can lose weight without having to interrupt your daily routine.

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It’s the only system around with thermo-massage technology, which destroys the fat and then using the sauna heat that it generates, breaks down fat too, which is then eliminated by sweating.It’s time to give up that exhausting exercise regime and boring diet, those slimming pills and creams that don’t give you the results you want!Now there’s something totally new on the market and it’s a system that really works and that you’ll love using too!With the Sauna Massage, you decide where to apply the sauna and the high-speed massage to shape your body.It combines 2 classic treatments of massage and sauna to create the Sauna Massage. Studies show that sweating in a sauna for half an hour burns 600 calories. But a sauna heats your entire body, even the areas where you don’t need it, making you suffer unnecessary discomfort.It’s so fast and effective that you can see results in less than 30 minutes!This powerful combination is a fast and easy way to lose weight.


Sauna Massage Velform


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