Sensodyne Tooth Paste Pronamel Fresh Breath

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Brand Pronamel
Item Form Paste
Quantity 30g
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Sensodyne Tooth Paste Pronamel Fresh Breath in Pakistan

Two four oz tubes of sparkling wave Sensodyne pronamel clean breath teeth toothpaste for touchy tooth, to reharden and support the tooth. Sturdy tooth toothpaste that protects your enamel from acid erosion as a result of publicity to acidic ingredients Touchy tooth toothpaste that protects your tooth from ache triggers including bloodless, warmness, acids, candies or contact Combat cavities, combat horrific breath and enhance your teeth fitness with this anticavity clean breath toothpaste. Acid erosion toothpaste value percent especially formulated to strengthen and reharden teeth tooth for stronger enamel
Two times a day by day brushing facilitates to:

Guard teeth in opposition to the outcomes of acid erosion. Enhance and reharden teeth, Freshen breath, Provide cavity protection, Keep healthful enamel, Offer sensitivity alleviation and lasting sensitivity safety,
Acids on your diet can soften your teeth, making it more liable to being worn away over the years. Pronamel® clean breath toothpaste is specially formulated to protect teeth against the effects of acid erosion*. While you operate pronamel® clean breath toothpaste, you’ll get all of the blessings of an everyday toothpaste, plus the teeth protection you want, leaving you with a clean, smooth, minty feeling.





Freshenbecome or make oneself fresh againMore (Definitions, Synonyms, Translation)


2 reviews for Sensodyne Tooth Paste Pronamel Fresh Breath

  1. Zaynab Ghazali

    Very Good Results

  2. Shamaail Gichki malik

    How much discount on buying one more??

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