The Body Shop Roots of Strength Cream


Brand The Body Shop
Item Form Cream
Unit Count 1.00 Count
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Use for Whole Body
  • Category Type: Face
  • Suitable Skin Type: All Skin Type
  • Texture: Cream
  • Recommended Use: Softening & Rejuvenation
  • Size: 50 ml


The Body Shop Roots of Strength Cream in Pakistan

Rich yet lightweight, the Body Shop Roots of Strength Firming Shaping Day Cream is made to make older skin feel and appear firmer, more sculpted, and more radiant. A combination of powerful plant extracts from nature, such as fucoidan, white tea, ginger root, and turmeric root, are added to it.

The Body Shop Roots of Strength Cream Uses

Our Roots of StrengthTM Firming Shaping Day Cream is a lightweight, rich cream that helps to improve skin tone and elasticity while lessening the appearance of wrinkles. For someone who wants to firm and restructure their skin, this is ideal.

  1. Reduce the Appearance of Fine Lines and Wrinkles:
    The cream’s strong combination of collagen-stimulating agents and antioxidants, including white tea extract, ginger root extract, and turmeric root extract, helps prevent the obvious indications of aging. It encourages the synthesis of collagen, which plumps up the skin and minimizes the look of wrinkles and fine lines.
  2. Improve Skin Elasticity:
    The suppleness of our skin decreases with age, causing drooping and a loss of firmness. This problem is resolved by increasing skin elasticity with the Roots of Strength Cream. The cream’s marine component, fucoidan, helps moisturize and plump the skin, giving it a firmer, younger-looking appearance.
  3. Enhance Skin Radiance:
    One of the main concerns with aging is dull and uneven skin tone. This lotion improves skin luminosity, which helps fight dullness. Deep hydration and brightening chemicals work together to refresh the face and leave the skin looking healthy and radiant.

The Body Shop Roots of Strength Cream Benefits

Discover the power of your skin by using this rich firming and shaping* cream that is enhanced with root extracts from nature. Skin feels comfortably moisturized, firmer, and denser—rich without being oily. Skin feels stronger and has less fine wrinkles.

  • focuses on the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.
  • increases the suppleness of the skin.
  • increases skin brightness.
  • defines and sculpts the skin.
  • delivers intense hydration.
  • Appropriate for any skin type, even sensitive and mature skin
  • cruelty-free and vegan.

The Body Shop Roots of Strength Cream Side Effects

The dullness, uneven texture, loss of firmness, and loss of elasticity can all be addressed with the Body Shop Roots of Strength Firming Shaping Day Cream. Its formulation is firm. The ingredients used to make this product are mediocre. On the other hand, it might be detrimental to redness, sensitive skin, puffiness, and imperfections.

Skin irritation:
After using Roots of Strength Cream, some people may experience mild skin irritation, such as burning, itching, or redness. Those with sensitive skin are more prone to experience this.

Roots of Strength Cream may occasionally result in outbreaks. This is because the cream has several components, including mineral oil, paraffin, and petrolatum, which can clog pores.

Allergic reaction:
Roots of Strength Cream may cause an adverse reaction in certain persons. Those who are allergic to any of the cream’s constituents are more prone to experience this.

It is best to discontinue using Roots of Strength Cream and see a doctor if you encounter any of these adverse effects.

The Body Shop Roots of Strength Cream Ingredients

  • What components make up Roots of Strength?
  • Important Components
  • Salicylic Acid is anti-acne.
  • Tocopherol, Zingiber Officinale Root Extract (also known as
  • ginger root extract), and Panax Ginseng Root Extract are antioxidants.
  • Ingredient that communicates with cells: adenosine.
  • Acid Salicylic is an exfoliant.
  • Ingredients that are skin-identical: sodium hyaluronate, phospholipids, and glycerin.



Roots of Strength Cream


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