Vioxa Xb Pop Color Washable Temporary Hair Color


Brand XB
Item Form Supray
Quantity 125 ml
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Offer 2x Rs7500
Imported From USA


Vioxa Xb Pop Color Washable Temporary Hair Color in Pakistan

Xb pop colour hair spray offers temporary coloration to the hair.After shampoo will return to natural hair shade.It’s miles suitable for young people to interrupt the way within the birthday party, on foot, dressing with out dying hair.Directions: shake well before use, then hold the sprayer away from hair approximately 15 cm, spray on hair in skinny layers.Styling as favored and letting it dry.spray once more if needed.

Vioxa Xb Pop Color Washable Temporary Hair Color

Brief hair color and wash out hair coloration are one and the identical. They’re a form of hair dye that washes out after simply one shampoo. Whether you’re looking to try out a brand new hair color but aren’t ready to dedicate for the long haul or simply need to rock a fun new colour for a unique night time, brief hair colors are great convenient and a notable way to test earlier than diving deep into the world of permanent hair dye. as an alternative, if you’re someone who swaps their hair color as frequently because the seasons exchange, it’s a notable alternative that can hold your hair health and keep away from excess damage for your strands.To use, ensure you shake the bottle nicely before applying. Preserve the can four to 6 inches away from dry hair and spray anyplace you want. The shade turns into extra bright after it dries down, so be sure to spray a bit at a time and wait a few minutes till it’s absolutely dry earlier than making use of greater.




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