Voox Dd Whitening Cream


Brand Voox
Item Form Cream
Quantity 30 ml
Delivery Time 2-3 Buisness
Shipping Free
Offer 2x Rs9500
Imported From USA


Voox Dd Cream in Pakistan

Definitely unique – we are proud to mention that we’re the handiest distributor of our original voox dd cream, combining the pleasant of bb and cc cream generation advanced in japan and stimulated by using thai aesthetic. White & pinkish radiance for face and body – designed to cover skin imperfections and to rebalance and brighten pores and skin tone, voox dd cream offers the skin that lovely white and pinkish radiance the immediate it is implemented. Waterproof, smudge-proof & oxidation-unfastened – worry not when it comes to sweat, perspiration, and the bright summer time solar, voox dd cream is water-proof and oxidation unfastened.For the motive of pores and skin whitening, as a brand new innovation advanced & formulated in japan, from bb cream and cc cream to cover the flaw and dull spots, authentic voox dd cream re-balances and lighting up pores and skin tone.

Voox Dd Cream Uses

With included extremely violet coverage equation, it offers straight away whitening with no facet outcomes, & for eternal whitening if it’s far used instances an afternoon, as quickly as after the morning face wash & as soon as after the night time face wash, then this wonderful cream provide a brighter & whiter appearance much like herbal interior 10-15 days. For the motive of sun blocking, uva and uvb (with pinnacle top notch spf-50 pa***) makes voox dd cream one of the satisfactory sun blocks, as it’s far extremely violet safety formulation protects your pores and skin from the damages delivered on for your pores and pores and skin through the sun. it’s far particularly recommended for operating men & women, university college students & all of us who regularly is going out inside the sunlight hours.


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