Aarogya India Balraj Capsule with Combined Power of Pure


Brand Balraj
Item Form Capsules
Quantity 60mg
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Aarogya India Balraj Capsule With Combined Power of Pure in Pakistan

Guggul resin is obtained from the stem of the guggul tree, which is native to india. It has been used for thousands of years in the Ayurveda medicine system. Guggul is one of the oldest ayurvedic herbs used for a variety of health conditions. It contains a mixture of sterols and ester with multiple medicinal benefits. Nutriherbs guggul extract capsules contain the goodness and therapeutic benefits of guggul which is suitable for both men and women.

  • Guggul maintain healthy cholesterol levels – guggul has a phenomenal ability to support balanced cholesterol levels. Works very effectively to purify the blood and remove toxins. Guggul promotes healthy weight management – its pungent flavor gives a post-digestive effect. It is a liver stimulant and it assists with the digestion of oils/fats in Pakistan.  Guggul supports the comfortable movement of the joints – guggul has cleaning/detoxifying qualities to clear toxins from the joints. Its ability to lubricate the tissues promote joints strength.Guggul extract capsules- no preservatives no coloring. Dosage – as a dietary supplement take 2 capsules of guggul extract in a day with lukewarm water and guggul extract capsules should be strictly taken 30 minutes after breakfast and dinner time.



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