Acnestar gel 15g in Pakistan

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Brand Acne Star
Item Form Cream
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Acnestar gel 15g in Pakistan

Acnestar gel assist in decreasing acne, whiteheads and. it also facilitates reduce acne scars and prevent pimples. It may reason skin dryness, itching and burning sensation as facet-results. Avoid excessive use of make-up, different products to your skin when the usage of this gel. acnestar gel carries a aggregate of clindamycin and nicotinamide. Clindamycin is an antibiotic and nicotinamide or niacin is a form of nutrition b3. acnestar gel help in reducing acne, whiteheads and blackheads. It also enables lessen zits scars and save you zits. It can purpose pores and skin dryness, itching and burning sensation as facet-consequences. Keep away from excessive use of makeup, different products for your pores and skin while the usage of this gel. keep away from the use of it if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Do now not pop zits as that leads to bacteria, pus spreading at the pores and skin that can result in the unfold of acne and pimples scar.

Powerful law, balanced facial oil secretion Reduce pores, enhance skin elasticity To hold the face easy and fresh Rid of pimples, zits marks  Repair uneven rough, making pores and skin clean and delicate and gives even tone. Has a light texture High-quality answer for oily and greasy skin issues Receives rid of zits marks and dull skin Restores the herbal beauty of skin  Pimples minor pores and skin inflammations.

Acnestar cream highlights

• brilliant cleansing
• leaves the pores and skin toned and refreshed.
• facilitates to dispose of scars.
• indication: acne minor skin inflammations
• incredible cleansing, antiseptic, and stimulating agent.
• leaves the skin feeling toned and refreshed.
• allows to cast off scars.
• directions for use: apply anti-zits cream to the affected regions with clean hands.
• use anti-zits cream 2-three instances an afternoon at the affected areas.

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  1. Marjane Dehwar

    2nd order done

  2. Salmeh Fareedi

    Very Very Good Product I Gave 5 Stars

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