Beaver Marula Oil Conditioner


Brand Beaver
Item Form oil
Quantity 350ml
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Offer 2x Rs10500
Imported From USA

Beaver Marula Oil Conditioner in Pakistan

Nourishes and moistures dry hair with powerful nourishing ability, maintains oil-water stability on the scalp, revives hair to moisturizing and smooth, and makes hair lengthy-lasting brilliant. Infused with marula oil, exhibits gentle, lustrous hair while protective coloration vibrancy with this highly-priced, concentrated day-by-day hydrating conditioner. Nourishes and moistures dry hair with powerful nourishing capacity continues the oil-water balance on the scalp, revives hair to moisturize and smooth, and makes hair long-lasting and bright. Infused with marula oil, reveals smooth, lustrous hair while protecting color vibrancy with this high-priced, focused daily hydrating conditioner. The Beaver Professional Marula Miracle Beauty Oil conditioner is the first-rate factor so that it will never show up for your hair. Deal with your scalp with this intensely hydrating conditioner this is infused with the nourishing goodness of marula oil. With miracle smoothing and softening benefits, marula oil will progressively restore the misplaced shine and vibrancy of your hair in only a few uses. Brightens the appearance of the hair and nourishes it from root to tip with an extended lasting shine that remains on for as much as seventy-two hours. The conditioner also works to cut down ultra-frizzy hair and help you effortlessly comb down any pesky little hairs sticking out. It promotes shine and provides a graceful gloss to your hair making it seem extraordinary-brilliant and gorgeously silky.


Nourishes and moisturizes dry hair with powerful nourishing ability maintains scalp oil-water balance, and revitalizes hair to be moisturized and smooth, ensuring long-lasting brilliance. Infused with marula oil, it reveals soft, lustrous hair while preserving color vibrancy with its luxurious, concentrated daily hydrating formula. This conditioner, enriched with the nourishing properties of marula oil, intensely hydrates the scalp, progressively restoring hair shine and vibrancy with continued use. It brightens hair appearance, and nourishes from root to tip, providing up to 72 hours of lasting shine, reducing frizz, and facilitating easy styling for a remarkably silky, glossy finish.

How to use

Intensely hydrating Beaver Marula Oil Conditioner, enriched with marula oil, revitalizes dry hair, maintains scalp oil-water balance, and enhances hair shine and vibrancy in Pakistan.


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