Beaver Repair Rescue Shampoo


Brand Beaver
Item Form Shampoo
Quantity 228ml
Delivery Time 2-3 Buisness
Shipping Free
Offer 2x Rs9500
Imported From USA

Beaver Repair Rescue Shampoo in Pakistan

Cleanses hair, restore electricity to distressedhair. Replenishes nutrients to damaged hair,complements hair elasticity to get better the herbal gentle and shine. Leaves hair more healthy and greater manageables.Cleanses hair, restores strength to distressed hair. Replenishes nutrients to broken hair,enhances hair elasticity to get better the herbal gentle and shine. Leaves hair healthier and extra possible.Path to apply :follow a mild quantity of shampoo on moist hair, lightly rubdown into hair and lather. Rinse very well.The beaver professional hydro restore rescue shampoo is a high-quality system to cleanse and repair the misplaced energy of your hair. The components works to top off all of the lost vitamins of your hair and provide you with healthy, vivid, and clean locks in only some uses. The hydro repair rescue shampoo lives as much as its name by enhancing hair elasticity, promoting drastic hair growth, and nourishing the roots and scalp to provide you wonderful wholesome hair.You’ll note softer, shinier hair with a purpose to slowly recover to become the fine hair you’ve ever had. this shampoo successfully puts an stop to hair fall, hair thinning, and dry and brittle hair.Cleanses hair, repair power to distressed hair replenishes nutrition to damaged hair complements hair elasticity to get better the natural soft and shine
Leaves hair more healthy and greater workable.


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