Cereal Bar

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Brand Cereal Bar
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Cereal Bar in Pakistan

A snack composed of some form of breakfast cereal that has been compressed right into a bar shape and is held together with some form of edible adhesive.’ they often incorporate pretty a chunk of sugar, which’s normally in the form of honey. But this is normally less sugar than a chocolate bar. the plus aspect of a cereal bar compared to other sweet treats is they commonly comprise healthy elements which include nuts, seeds, oats and dried end result“it is water fortified with vitamins—there is no evidence of fee, and it could genuinely be dangerous.” enough said. Sure, granola bars are healthful (whilst fabricated from actual grains, nuts, and fruit), but they’re for power, not weight loss. In truth, you can be gaining weight if they are your go-to snack. No-bake Samoa peanut butter cereal bars: you could best have the ability to shop for your favorite lady scout cookies once a 12 months in Pakistan .however you can make these cereal bars every time you want. They utilize each rice Krispies and golden Grahams so that you can use up all that cereal on your pantry.

2 reviews for Cereal Bar

  1. Asam Nizamani

    thanku for shipping me in murree

  2. Nazu Mullagori Prince

    tcs waly beghairat hain insy nma bhaija karo btw product looking good

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