Dermacos Bleach Cream


Brand Demacos
Item Form cream
Quantity 500ml
Delivery Time 2-3 Business
Shipping Free
Offer 2x Rs6500
Imported From USA

Dermacos Bleach Cream in Pakistan

Manufactured via dermacos laboratories worldwide, dermacos is a United Kingdom manufacturer and distributor of first-rate expert skincare merchandise. They specialize in nice pores and skin care merchandise and all kinds of cosmetics to make you more beautiful. Ideal for all forms of climate through deep-down pore cleaning restores natural pH balance and firmness allows for the lowering of darkish spots and discoloration extremely mild on pores and skin continues the face sparkling 100% natural product halal 100% authentic product facial blond brightener powder works extra-speedy lightening, greater moisturizing formula. Lets you create lustrous highlights and computer graphics very quickly. Takes blondes to paler-than-light…exhibits up redheads brightens up brunettes. Dust loose, denser powder minimizes ruff & fly-away to make your packages neater and cleaner. Incorporate moisture-sealing humectants to start every software with smooth mixing and a creamy-easy consistency that remains .


  • Thorough deep-down pore cleaning
  • Restores natural pH balance and firmness
  • Helps in reducing dark spots and discoloration
  • Extremely gentle on the skin, keeping the face fresh
  • 100% natural and halal product
  • Provides extra-fast lightening and moisturizing
  • Creates lustrous highlights and special effects quickly
  • Dust-free formula with a creamy-smooth consistency



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