Fair and Handsome Cream


Brand Fair and Handsome
Item Form cream
Quantity 60g
Delivery Time 2-3 Buisness
Shipping Free
Offer 2x Rs2500
Imported From USA


Fair and Handsome Cream in Pakistan

Through pioneering studies via skin care experts from india and australia, truthful and good-looking, ‘the radiance cream for men’ has advanced a step forward components for tough male pores and skin. Powered by way of a completely unique seasoned peptidetm, it helps rework men’s tough pores and skin and provides four powerful blessings – visible radiance, reduces and controls extra oil on face, sun safety in opposition to harmful uva/ uvb rays and offers youthful appearance. Use twice day by day for first-rate effects. Truthful and good-looking is familiar with men’s skin needs the pleasant. Through pioneer studies by using skincare professionals, fair and handsome has developed the step forward formulation for difficult male pores and skin. It is radiance cream for guys has powerful seasoned peptide™ that enables transform guys’s difficult skin and offers radiance from with an advanced method, the cream gives advanced oil discount and radiant pores and skin in just 7 daysit has solar safety actives that are ideal for protecting tough Which can be because of daily shave, nicks & cuts. In addition, due to the sensational nutria-complex content material, our cream provide pressure relievers, fatigue signs, revitalizes and additionally gets rid of dead cells from the pores and skin.Male pores and skin from the harsh indian sun requirements. It comes with lab tested spf 10 formulation, which affords you good enough safety towards harmful uvb rays.On offer from us is fair and good-looking cream for the treasured customers.


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