Aliver Foot Cream Whitening Cream Moisturizing Care


Brand Aliver
Item Form Cream
Quantity 50 ml
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Imported From USA


Foot Whitening Cream in Pakistan

Professional formula treats rough spots, cracked heels, dry cuticles, itchy pores and skin. This foot moisturizer cream facilitates eliminate tough, dry pores and skin as you moisturize. Its concentrated method provides the extensive moisturization that dry, difficult ft want to help restore them to soft, easy ft. clean to use: works and absorbs like a cream. No rinsing required. Genuinely apply and rubdown for your easy dry ft before going to mattress. The pure components of the cream is notably powerful yet mild in your pores and skin so it may be best for all instances and pores and skin types, with out using any dangerous or dangerous ingredients.. your pride is our pinnacle priority and this is why we strive to provide you with the satisfactory satisfactory products and provider.


This foot cream incorporates diet e, chamomile extract and other herbal elements. It is secure to apply, smooth to soak up, mild and non-annoying. Moisturizes and whitens your toes’ skin, smoothing and nourishing at the same time as assisting to moisturize and prevent dryness and roughness. Deep exfoliating moisturizer for dry pores and skin with high exfoliating element, it deeply moisturizes feet, soothes dry pores and skin, restores luster and revitalizes skin. It can repair damaged pores and skin, cast off wrinkles, put off melanin, brighten pores and skin, and say good-bye to dullness, you can constantly have toes like infant ft. smooth to apply: it could be absorbed like cream. No want to rinse. Before going to bed, just follow and rub down on clean dry toes.



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