Beaver Scalp Energizing Spray – 50ml


Brand Beaver
Item Form Spray
Quantity 50ml
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Imported From USA

Beaver Scalp Energizing Spray – 50ml In Pakistan

In case you’re looking for an option to save you similarly hair loss and as a substitute promote hair growth, then Beaver Expert Hydro Scalp Energizing important spray 50ml is the right object for you. this product works on your scalp to vitalize cells. It restores the capacity of hair roots to soak up moisture and thereby, keeps hair wholesome and sturdy. It also reduces the risk of hair fall. It is not a shampoo or a conditioner. You have to use it once you’ve accomplished washing your hair. While your hair and scalp are nonetheless wet, spray it without delay at the scalp. There’s no want to rinse your hair afterward. For top outcomes, it’s endorsed to use it every day. rich in vitamins. This product moisturizes your scalp to keep you cozy. It promotes cellular growth to assist healthy hair.


  • Promotes hair growth by stimulating scalp cells.
  • Strengthens hair roots for improved moisture absorption.
  • Reduces hair fall risk.
  • Easy spray application on wet scalp post-hair wash.
  • Daily use is recommended for optimal results.
  • Moisturizes scalp, keeping it comfortable.
  • Supports healthy hair with a vitamin-rich formula.


  • Use after washing your hair while your scalp and hair are still wet.
  • Directly spray onto the scalp, focusing on areas prone to hair loss.
  • Do not rinse off after application.
  • For best results, use daily.




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