Kojivit Cream


Brand Kojivit
Item Form Cream
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Kojivit Cream in Pakistan

Kojivit plus gel is the most secure manner to lighten the pores and skin tone. It consists of kojic acid dipalmitate, arbutin, mulberry extract , grape seed extract, allantoin, glycolic acid and diet e with in built sunscreen. These kinds of parts act together to block melanin pigments and help in pores and skin lightening results key advantages: 1. whilst most skin lightening merchandise incorporate kojic acid, kojivit includes kojic acid dipalmitate, that’s an awful lot more powerful than simple kojic acid, so it offers very rapid and powerful result ,which is seen from first use simplest. 2. grape seed extract is wealthy in flavonoids, they resource in retaining skins elasticity. Three. glycolic acid improve the look and sense of pores and skin in addition to fade away darkish pimple marks.

Kojivit Cream

Four arbutin is taken into consideration the safest and handiest skin whitening compound which shows surprisingly rapid and secure pores and skin whitening residences. Five. mulberry extract may be very powerful for pores and skin whitening and it has anti inflammatory properties which promotes skin healing. 6. octinoxate is a sunscreen agent to save you in addition pores and skin darkening from uvb light. 7. diet e is a powerful antioxidant which protects pores and skin from uv harm. Also improves pores and skin texture and aids in moisturization. A way to use: take small amount of cream and rub on face in round motion till it disappears and dry completely. Use this cream on every occasion you wash your face to be aware seen effects. Use under clinical supervision.


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