Mamaearth Bye Bye Blemishes Cream


Brand  Mamaearth
Item Form Creamy
Quantity 30 ml
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Mamaearth Bye Bye Blemishes Cream in Pakistan

Mamaearth Bye-bye Blemishes Face Cream is a powerful cream enriched with mulberry extract, daisy flower extract, and nutrition c. Its specific and herbal components prevent melanin synthesis and offer you gentle and glowing skin. It reduces pigmentation by restricting melanin deposits that seem like darkish spots, patches, and hyper-pigmentation, thereby presenting a fair pores and skin tone. It also has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal residences. It is non-greasy and gets absorbed by the pores and skin quickly. Pigmentation cream is dermatologically tested and may be used on oily, ordinary, dry, aggregate, and sensitive pores and skin. The product has no harsh chemical substances, parabens, or mineral oils. Herbal remedy for pigmented skin: our dermatologically tested normal non-greasy cream creates a shielding barrier on the pores and skin. Packed with powerful elements like daisy flower extract and mulberry extract, it calms and soothes the pores and skin, decreasing the advent of blemishes, dark spots, age spots, discoloration, hyperpigmentation, and lack of pores and skin elasticity.


  • Reduces Pigmentation: Minimizes dark spots, patches, and hyperpigmentation for a more even skin tone.
  • Brightens Skin: Lightens skin tone with natural ingredients like mulberry extract and daisy flower extract.
  • Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Fungal: Provides additional skin protection with its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.
  • Non-Greasy: Absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy residue.
  • Dermatologically Tested: Suitable for all skin types, including oily, normal, dry, combination, and sensitive skin.
  • Free from Harsh Chemicals: No parabens, mineral oils, or harmful chemicals.
  • Soothes and Calms: Calms irritated skin and reduces the appearance of blemishes and discoloration.
  • Improves Skin Elasticity: Enhances skin elasticity for a youthful appearance.
  • Hydrates and Protects: Creates a protective barrier while hydrating the skin.


Non-greasy components: the mild method gives your face a non-greasy glow. Nourishes the skin: rich with natural lively substances daisy flower extract with diet c, mulberry extract, and shea butter. Daisy flower extract reduces melanin hobby and provides even pigmentation. The mulberry extract reduces the appearance of dark spots. Vitamin C with glycerin aids the skin’s natural collagen production selling healthful glowing pores and skin. Safe for all pores and skin types: all components used are natural and free from toxicity and irritants. Therefore, making the cream safe even for oily and touchy pores and skin. Natural & licensed toxin-free: dermatologically tested, the cream is loose from sulfates, paraben, SLS, mineral oil, petroleum, artificial preservatives, colors & fragrances.


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