Novage Bright Sublime Night Cream


Brand Novage
Item Form Liquid
Quantity 50ml
Delivery Time 2-3 Business
Shipping Free
Offer 2x Rs12000
Imported From USA

Novage Bright Sublime Night Cream in Pakistan

Non-greasy components absorb without problems to depart pores and skin feeling soft and smooth. Facilitates the skin to get over the stresses of the day even as you sleep.Inhibits melanin manufacturing even as you sleep◊
Powered via patented multi-vibrant technology and antioxidant gingko flavonoids.
Delicately fragranced.  Advanced acting in a single-day moisturizer brightens skin tone and decreases darkish spots over time for a brighter, greater complexion. The non-greasy system absorbs without difficulty to go away pores and skin feeling smooth and easy. Helps the skin get over the stresses of the day while you sleep. Inhibits melanin manufacturing whilst you sleep◊ powered using patented multi-bright technology and antioxidant ginkgo flavonoids. Delicately fragranced. Dermatologically tested.

Introducing a brand-new, 100 percent safe brightening treatment to assist in addressing pigmentation issues on the skin and give you the desired bright, even-keeled complexion. Our high-tech skin care regimen for dark spots and discolorations is the NovAge Bright Sublime Skin Care Set. A lighter, more radiant complexion is shown by suppressing the development of melanin with NovAge Bright Sublime. The Oriflame Youth Enhancing Skin Care Routine is intended to be followed by using the six items in the NovAge Bright Sublime Skin Care Set. To get the greatest outcomes, the items are made to function harmoniously together.

The Way to Use

Follow each evening after serum. Smooth over the face with fingertips, keeping off the eye vicinity. Kay ingredients: powered using patented multi-vibrant generation and mighty antioxidant gingko flavonoids.Patented multi-vivid generation goals and inhibits melanin manufacturing within the melanocyte cells. Gingko flavonoids assist in scavenging and suppressing melanin-inducing loose radicals to assist protect against new UV-caused pigmentation. Oriflame Natural Cosmetics is a Swedish enterprise that offers an extensive range of wonderful splendor merchandise combining the knowledge of nature with pleasant technological know-how in sixty-one international locations of the arena. Oriflame respects nature and strives to use herbal substances derived from culmination, flowers, and vegetation. Animal-friendly merchandise – no elements derived from lifeless animals, or sourced even as inflicting harm to animals, are used. Best animal using merchandise inclusive of milk, and honey.


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