Rivon Herbal Hair Color Shampoo Black and Brown 30ml with Free Gloves Pack of 2


Brand Rivon
Item Form Shampoo
Quantity 30 ml
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Shipping Free
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Imported From USA
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Rivon Herbal Hair Color Shampoo Black and Brown 30ml with Free Gloves Pack of 2 in Pakistan

Unique rivon hair shade shampoo. Rivon is pure herbal shampoo that works magically in only 20 minutes, its available in one of a kind sun shades purchase and revel in always the unique product.Excellent product.Best outcomes.Herbal shampoo color.Color in 20 mins.Rivon herbal hair darkening shampoo immediately mild brown, darkish brown, dark brown, medium brown dye in 20min rapid & easy product contents.This pompadour style are used by celebrities that we can see the photographs inside the barbershop or saloon. This undercut style is executed in the backside with longer hair on pinnacle of the pinnacle. The top of the hair are typically blowed into the lower back with fluffy shape.This hair fashion is usually utilized by punk singers. The form is similar with chicken’s tail similar to mohawk. But this one is more easy or no longer severe like mohawk.

How Its Work

Rivon natural hair darkening shampoo in 20 mins! Specifications natural hair dye shampoo incorporates herbal extracts to dye gray hair.Enriched with an powerful complement along with diet a, d, and e help to nourish, soften and shine.It without problems applies and leaves a natural dark brown, lustrous and exquisite hair. For high-quality end result use two times a monthperfect consequences.Shade in 20 minutes.Natural shampoo colour.



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