C Vita Cream


Brand C vita
Item Form Cream
Quantity 20 g
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Offer 2x Rs2800
Imported From USA

C Vita Cream in Pakistan

Vitamin c, that is vital for lovely skin, is easy to oxidize and difficult to be absorbed, but diet c derivative makes less difficult for diet c to penetrate into the pores and skin. Diet c spinoff prevents the production of melanin, which causes stains and dullness, and helps to improve pigmentation.C vita collection are formulated with sustained vitamin c spinoff, ascorbyl glucoside, which leads to beautiful pores and skin.The pores and skin could be plumper and the feel appears smoother after using c vita cream. The easy-textured pores and skin will be main brighter look.Obtain wholesome and sparkling skin by choosing from the collections of c vita cream on alibaba.Com. c vita cream help repair pores and skin harm and maintain a bright shine.

C Vita Cream Uses

They may be available in a diffusion of formulations that cater to all styles of particular skin problems together with dryness, aging, pigmentation and zits. C vita cream are available packs of big and small sizes, and are appropriate for use each males and females.C vita cream suitable for every pores and skin type are available, be it oily, dry or aggregate pores and skin. Some of the products also provide for specific levels of spf safety further to their hydrating characteristic. C vita cream provided on the site include gadgets which might be unfastened from parabens and fragrances which could purpose pores and skin irritation. Accordingly, the products are applicable to even for touchy skin types.


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