Oud Al Camellia Perfume – Fleur’s by Hemani Herbals


Brand Wasim Badami
Item Form Perfume
Quantity 100ml
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Oud Al Camellia Perfume – Fleur’s by Hemani Herbals – 100ml perfume

Oud Al Camellia Perfume – Fleur’s by Hemani Herbals – A traditional beauty of wealthy, heavy oud, with a deep oriental nostalgia of Arabian sophistication, for each ladies and man. The study notes of this classy perfume with tips of unique Arabian fragrance offer one a sense of expensive being. It is right for folks who lengthy to stand out among everybody because of their extraordinary existence. Fleurs via Hemani herbals perfumes are an exception of delicacy classics, with blends of easy, clean, and complex scents, for each ladies and man. eau de toilette.Oud Al Camellia Perfume – Fleur’s by Hemani Herbals .

Oud Al Camellia Perfume In Lahore:

The ideal perfume can boost your confidence simply before the massive assembly and preserve foul frame odor at bay. however often the usage of perfumes and deodorants benefits you in extra methods than smelling terrific. floral and fruity scents lessen your stress, give you a morale enhance, and assist you get the sleep you have got been missing out on.well, this one is pretty obvious. fragrance has been historically used by and large for perfume. it helps maintain unwanted frame scent at bay and guarantees that you scent proper during the day.

A classic beauty of rich, heavy oud, with a deep oriental nostalgia for Arabian sophistication, for both men and women. The Oudy notes of this elegant fragrance with hints of unique Arabian aroma give one a luxurious being. It is ideal for those who yearn to stand out from everyone with their impressive existence.

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Fleur’s by Hemani Herbals perfumes are an exception to the delicate classics, with blends of clean, fresh and sophisticated scents for both men and women. Product color may vary due to lighting, screen pixels and color settings. We hope you will love the items you are about to purchase. If you are not completely satisfied, you can return it within 14 days from the delivery date.

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