Framesi Straightening System Hair Straightening Cream


Brand Framesi S.P.A
Item Form Cream
Quantity 150 ml
Delivery Time 2-3 Buisness
Shipping Free
Offer 2x Rs6500
Imported From USA

Framesi Rebonding Kit in Pakistan

A enormously protecting, formaldehyde-unfastened straightening system that allows hair acquire new texture with a quick processing time. It gets rid of frizz, leaving hair smooth, smooth, and greater achievable. Framesi straightening gadget allows you to create texture with the aid of refining natural curl through relaxing, curl reduction and redirection of herbal growth styles. It has a lower ph than traditional relaxers, allowing you to create stunning outcomes at the same time as maintaining the integrity of the hair.Soft texture, clean to apply, formulated to make herbal hair, treated by either the new or cold technique, as smooth as silk. Its effectiveness ensures lasting consequences absolutely respecting hair shape with its exceptionally shielding elements.

Framesi Rebonding Kit Uses

Long lasting, all hair type,strightening rebonding & high profile product, non-messy, smooth to apply, does not purpose hair harm or thinning,a bit product is going an extended way,skin-pleasant.Framesi hair merchandise delivered the italian hair rebounding kits silis 1 and silis 2. framesi hair rebounding is a very safe manner of hair straightening which brings an exceptional silky, clean appearance on your locks. Dry fizzy hair gets a complete make-over with it, which produces tender, silky and bright hair.Framesi recommends use with ceramic-covered eastern hair iron cera magic, which is specifically designed for the hair rebounding manner.The hair-stylist is the only actual hair professional , the best character who is able to understand what hair needs and to devise a entire treatment.


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