Garnier Skin Naturals Wrinkle Lift Anti Ageing Cream, 18g


Brand Garnier
Item Form Cream
Quantity 18g
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Garnier Skin Naturals Wrinkle Lift Anti Ageing Cream, 18g in Pakistan

Garnier wrinkle carry anti-getting old cream visibly reduces wrinkles and first-rate strains, leaving pores and skin less attackable. Garnier skin naturals wrinkle elevate cream is a specifically formulated with specific combination of herbal ingredients to ease out wrinkles and creases in your pores and skin. With growing age and frequently because of strain, the facial skin starts losing its elasticity and firmness causing the arrival of wrinkles. Repeated contraction of facial muscular tissues also make contributions to formation of creases and satisfactory lines. Garnier anti aging and anti – wrinkles, satisfactory lines, lack of firmness and pores and skin dryness with garnier wrinkle raise anti-ageing cream. Enriched with seasoned-retinol derived from nature to increase cellular turnover, it visibly reduces wrinkles and great traces to show a more impregnable-searching pores and skin. This garnier anti-growing older cream is dermatologically examined and located effective to combat all such symptoms of getting old visibly, through certainly restoring the health of your skin from inside. The garnier wrinkle lift anti-growing old cream has effective anti-oxidants like bilberry and cherry that boost the restoration method and tone your pores and skin to repair firmness. Presence of ginger extracts stimulates cell renewal and collagen stages, thereby restoring your skin to its children. For powerful results, practice a small amount of the cream each day and lightly massage it in upward circular motions in your face and neck and notice the distinction for yourself. So take care and enjoy a smoother, softer and radiant looking pores and skin with this garnier wrinkle elevate cream for a greater confident you!


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